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We have our own names as identity. In the same way the vehicles has their unique numbers.In each city the vehicles are provided with numbers in various alpha numeric serials. It starts from A to Z and numericals beginning with zero too. It is a better way to identify whose vehicle is the particular one. The number plates needs to be showned very accurately in both the front and the back side of the vehicles. So that others,mainly the police personnel can identify them very easily and ensure that it possess a valid license from the assigned authorities. In case a vehicle commit an accident and the people inside got severly injured and is not in a possition to speak,then the police personnel will try to get the owner of the vehicle immediately by searching their records with the register number that is punched in the number plates.

Various types of vehicles has different shapes of number plates. Some have oblong while others has contoured. For a public carrier it has a different colour than that of a private one. By just looking at its colour one will be able to distinguish what type of vehicle is this,whether it is a private one or public.The private number plates seems to be white in colour with writings in black.The car number plates are the shape of a rectangle.Some interesting things are there.Some people have fitted some beautiful lights on the side of the number plates.When roberry of a vehicle happens then the first thing that the police will try to find out is the number plates with the registration number.But the robbers are also very cunning in this regard.When they get others vehicle they will soon change the number plates with a duplicate one.Thats crazy.But with the advancement in technology thigs have gone even beyond just the number plates to identify the robbed carriage.People will insert some electronic chip inside their vehicle to identify its location after it has been robbed.