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Prestige or Just Showing Off ?

When you have your very own private number plates you can show what’s really special and fun about you and your car. Many people gain a sense of identity from the car they drive. The type of vehicle you drive, it’s size shape and colour, make and model say a lot about who you are. It’s always fun to customise your vehicle even more to make it completely yours and to make a statement about yourself. You can do this in any number of ways including ordering special private number plates. Personalised number plates can say all kinds of things about the driver of a car. Tell the world about your favourite dance, drink, or superstar. Let everybody know you’re keen on skydiving! Or on a more practical note, share the name of your business, website or blog.

In the past, it was extremely easy to get private number plates, and it is still relatively simple. However, there is a great deal of new legislation around procuring new private number plates. Most recently, parliament put through legislation stating the exact materials that can be used and the way in which characters may be displayed on private number plates. This legislation states that one may only have private number plates printed with the Charles Wright font in a specific size. This differs for motorcycle number plates because they are, of course, smaller than car number plates.

The new legislation also states a specific permissible gap size between characters. The reason for this is that varying gaps and font sizes can cause it to be difficult for law enforcement officers to read private number plates. Failure to display properly formatted car or motorcycle number plates could result in a fine of £1000. Because of the new law, it is now only possible to obtain private number plates from registered number plate suppliers. When you apply for your new private number plates, you must have correct documentation in-hand. You must be able to identify yourself and verify your identity. You must also provide your vehicle registration number and proof of ownership. The registered number plate supplier will record this information and hold it for three years. This is a requirement the supplier must adhere to or face stiff penalties, such as being fined and banned from selling private number plates for five years.