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Don’t Loose Your Private Number Plate

There are private number plates on thousands of UK vehicles these days. It is important as the owner of private number plates that you take the right course of action when selling or changing your vehicle.

Technically the vehicle registration number or at least the right to it belongs to the vehicle and therefore the registered keeper of that vehicle. If you were to sell your vehicle without first removing the private number plates and transferring the vehicle registration number to your new vehicle, then you would loose it to the new keeper.

It’s not always possible to transfer the private number plate, car registration number to the new vehicle. The new vehicle may not even have been purchased yet, you will still need to keep your vehicle registration number before parting with the current one. In this instance you will need to apply to put the private registration number on a retention certificate. As part of this process the existing vehicle will be issued with a replacement age related registration number, usually the original one for the vehicle. You then will be issued with a retention certificate, V778, for your private number plates.