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We have over 50 Million private numbers available to search online. You can search by initials, names, hobbies, favourite football team etc. Our search tool allows you to search all of the registrations or select either ; current, prefix, suffix or dateless registration numbers.

There is a wide range of registrations available from just a few pounds increasing to hundreds of thousands. Irrespective of your budget we are likely to be able to match you up with a great personalised registration number.

If you need a hand finding the private number plate for you or a loved one feel free to contact us. You can use the chat box on this website or call us to reach to for help finding the right personalised registration number for you.

Buying Online

We’ve made the website as user friendly as possible and answer common questions along the way to enable you to make your purchase online 24/7. All the costs are listed prior to purchase, so you can make an informed decision NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. Our registration numbers are competitively priced and we do not charge admin fees unlike many other dealers.

This site benefits from the latest security encrypted technology with its secure online payment gateway offering a reliable way to make payment for your chosen private registration number. The website is also PCI Compliant for your security.


Assigning a Number

It used to be more difficult to assign your personal registration number to a vehicle, with paperwork having to be submitted to the local DVLA office or the DVLA head quarters in Swansea.

These days the process is straight forward and can generally be done online. It’s as straight forward as taxing your vehicle. That’s in the vast majority of cases, at least, DVLA still require a small percentage of assignments to be processed by submitting paperwork to their offices in Swansea.

In order to assign the a registration the latest V5 registration document has to be in the name of the recipient of the cherished registration number plates.

Private Registration Numbers as a Gif

A lot of our customers are buying registration numbers for their friends or family, private registration numbers are very popular gifts and have the potential to last a lifetime. In most cases we can supply a cherished registration number on a DVLA issued certificate valid for up to ten years. Thats perfect for securing in order to gift in the future.

Many customers have also gifted the physical number plates which we can also supply as registered number plate supplies with the DVLA. The plates can be wrapped in the relevant gift wrapping, be it Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary etc. Then the certificate inserted in the gift card.

We always on hand to assist when the number is ready to be assigned if you or the recipient needs any help. One important thing to bear in mind is can’t use a personalised registration number in order to make a vehicle appear newer than it actually is i.e. you can’t assign a 2021 registration number on a vehicle first registered in 2010. You can however uses an older registration on a newer vehicle.


Platinum Plates Ltd are a privately owned company, DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, Platinum Plates LTD is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations or any other business. The company are DVLA registered number plate suppliers (RNPS). For your security we are Members of the Institute of Registration Agents & Dealers (MIRAD). The registration numbers available on this web site consist of our own stock, previously un issued government stock and commission sales on behalf of private & corporate clients. If it is your intention to mis represent a registration number we would rather you not purchase it, you can not use a private number plate to make a vehicle appear newer than it actually is.

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