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The Celebrity Of Registration

Showbiz celebrities have always wanted to stand out from the crowd. They do it by various means – singing, dancing, playing sports, the list is endless. You name it, they’ve tried it. Sometime it just isn’t enough to stand on stage or appear on TV and do your thing. Sometimes, it’s necessary to let people know who’s driving around on the streets. That’s one of the reasons celebrities choose to display private number plates.

Personalised number plates bring a whole new dimension to the celebrity world. Imagine driving along when all of a sudden a great big Bentley Mulsanne passes you by with the registration MAG 1C. It’s Paul Daniels in his instantly recognisable car. There may be a few Bentley Mulsanne’s rolling around out there but there is only one with the unique registration that’s MAG 1C, and that’s probably how Paul would describe it; incorporating his timeless catchphrase.

Other examples of celebrity private number plates are sportsman/actor Vinny Jones with his registration “100 VJ”, the boxer Amir Khan “BOX 111G” and hairdresser Nicky Clarke “H4I RDO”.

There’s no doubt that the celebrity world of private number plates has had some influence on the average man. Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. Not everyone will get it, so maybe it’s just as good to accessorise and drive around in that little four-wheeled dream. That’s where we come in; Platinum Plates is a supplier of quality car registration numbers. We can help you realise a small part of celebrity through your very own personalised number plates.