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Private Number Plates Within Reach

These days you see more and more vehicles sporting private number plates. Is it because folks have more disposable income to purchase luxury items like private number plates? Probably not over the last couple of years with the pain and uncertainty of the credit crunch.

In days gone by private number plates were the preserve of the rich and famous. The good news is this is no longer the case, personalised car registration numbers are now within reach for the vast majority of the population.

Does that mean private number plates have come down in value? Hell no, in fact if anything the reverse is true. Even through the worst economic downturn for generations car registration numbers have continued to out perform most investments.

It’s true that you can spend thousands, even hundreds of thousand of pounds on cherished number plates and for the very oldest, most sought after private number plates thats the level of investment you need to be prepared for. The good news however is you can replace your dvla number plate from a random meaningless combination to something more personal from just a couple of hundred pounds.