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Private number plates too reflect your football team

With the start of the 2010/2011 football season fast approaching fans are turning to private number plates to show their support. This is not a new way in which die hard football fans demonstrate allegiance to their club, but there would seem to be increased activity with the advent of the new season.

West Bromwich Albion have something special to celebrate this year with the return to the top flight, WBA private number plates are a firm favorite with baggies fans. The debut premiership challenge for the baggies is a showdown at Stamford Bridge. Facing Chelsea away is likely to be a baptism of fire for the Albion.

Chelsea fans also represent there team with private number plates combinations, favoring a CFC combination. Other popular football related private number plates are:
LFC – Liverpool Football Club, EFC – Everton Football Club and AFC – Arsenal Football Club etc.

One former Aston Villa manager bought private number plates V1 LLA from a dvla auction during his reign at the club and is thought to still be the owner. The Club also own 1 AV and this can be seen on former chairman, Doug Ellis’s Claret Bentley.