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Private number plates now a days are growing in demand for any type of automobile. People look to have their vehicle registered with number plates as per their desire. Many users now use private number plates in order to get differentiated from others. The large section of such people who uses these private number plates is found to be youth. The governments are also allowing these activities to get carried away. Though the vehicles which are registered with private number plates, they have to be registered in the government so that they won’t be ceased by the law officials. Private number plates started as a habit of presenting someone as gifts with their birth dates or anniversary dates or lucky numbers or other memorable events based on the occasion in which they present.

Merely started as this habit, now private number plates are chosen in order to get differentiated from others or to show rich class or status in the society. Even websites offers this service to people who cannot meet the private dealers to get this work done. Websites which offers these services, drafts the number plates based on categories like birth dates, wedding anniversary dates or with initials or letters from which a name starts with. Some number plates starts with the format that some sets which gets differs with the websites. They will be asking to enter any two letters and then to choose a year from the list of given numbers from the website’s database and then will be asked to enter any desired letters after entering all the fields, it will display a format of a number plate which if we like can choose or again do the process from the first. For example if we enter “JJ, 08 and LLL” in the sections then the number plate options will be either JJ08LLL or LL08JJL etc..