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New plates promise an auction bonanza

The Land Transport Department plans to begin using a new format of car number plates in 2013, to keep up with the rapid growth in the number of new car registrations. An official of the Land Transport Department shows an example of the new licence plate that will be introduced in 2013. It adds one Arabic numeral in front of the two Thai characters, to increase the number of available private plates for new vehicles. Once the new format is introduced, the department will be able to accommodate new car registrations for the next 129 years before a format change is needed again, said deputy department chief Atchasathai Rattanadilok na Phuket. He said the new car licence format will enable the registration of 56.24 million new cars. Last year, 435,700 new car registrations were issued. An Arabic numeral from 1 to 9 will be added before two Thai characters, which are followed by a four-digit Arabic number. The current format only has two Thai characters that are followed by the four-digit Arabic number.

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New plates promise an auction bonanza