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I love driving

In fact, if I don’t get to drive my car every day, the I feel restless. I’m really proud of my new convertible Audi. In fact, I’m a little bit of a show-off – driving round town with the top down with my shades on. I look good and I love the admiring glances I get.

It was my birthday a few months ago and my boyfriend started getting all secretive a few weeks beforehand. He had a really smug look on his face by the time my birthday rolled around. He came into the bedroom in the morning with this massive box – I mean – it was almost the size of the bed! It didn’t feel very heavy, though.

I undid the ribbon and ripped the wrapping paper off. Funnily enough, the wrapping paper had cars on it – not something you’d expect on a present for a girl. Inside the box, there was loads of tissue paper. I had to rummage quite deep inside all the layers of padding, to where I found another, smaller box. I thought… he’s playing a game with me and it’ll be a tiny box at the end of it all, with something really tiny. I started to wonder if he had got me some jewellery like a necklace, or even a ring.

Oh my god! What if it was an engagement ring? I’m way too young to think about that yet! But the next box was flat. Strange… really strange. I lifted the lid on the box and I could see that there were car number plates. They were upside down. I didn’t know what to think at first. Then I realised, when I turned them the right way up, that they were Private Plates! Specially for me.

They were made up out of my initials and some extra numbers. I couldn’t believe he’d chosen so well! Now when I’m driving around with the top down, the fact that my number plates are memorable, not run-of-the-mill, it makes me smile even more. My boyfriend gave me a gift that makes me feel special every day!