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Getting Your Car Ready To Sell

A lot of people nowadays are avoiding part exchange or trading in their old car at a garage and instead trying to sell it by themselves. The reasons for this are pretty obvious as it’s convenient, you set your own price and in the end the majority of people actually make more money. When you sell your car yourself it means that the car dealership doesn’t have to pay for your car to be cleaned, the advertising or the time that it takes to sell it which means that you’ll get a better price for your car because you don’t have to take any of this into account.

Selling your own car nowadays is also much easier than it’s ever been before because of the introduction of online auction sites and websites that are devoted to private owners selling their cars. It’s also possible to take out an advert in a local paper for next to nothing as well as advertising the fact that the car’s for sale as you drive it.

If you’re going to be successful in selling your own car then there are a few things you should remember, as they will essentially make the selling experience much easier and simpler.

  • The first thing you need to be sure of is that the price that you’re advertising is competitive and reasonable. You’re unlikely to sell your car successfully if you’re asking too much for it because selling cars privately is now so popular so there’ll be a lot of people out there who will be offering the same car at a much better price. You should on the internet at other similar cars that are being sold and advertise yours mid-way between the lowest and highest price in order to raise more interest in your vehicle. You need to be prepared for hagglers as people will want a good deal. When setting your price it’s a good idea to think about the lowest value that you’d accept for example £5,000 and then give yourself some room for manoeuvre so advertise at £5,500 so that you’re sure to get the price you want and the buyer will feel that they’ve got a great deal.

Once you’ve decided on a price it’s important to make the advert as professional as possible so it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the car selling lingo and use terms that buyers are likely to recognise.

  • Once you’ve got your car on the market you need to get it ready for inspection. When people come to look at your car they’ll expect it to be clean and presentable so it’s essential to take everything out of it that looks like it’s owned by someone else. Remove CDs, seat covers and accessories to give the buyer the ability to be able to picture themselves in the car. You should also make sure it’s as clean as possible inside and out before anyone comes to see it because as far as they’re concerned they’re buying a new car so it should look as good as it would in a showroom.
  • When a potential buyer comes to see the car they’ll want to know everything about it so that they can be sure you’re an honest dealer so it’s a good idea to make sure you have all of the car’s documents to hand to show the buyer. Things like the log book, service history and registration documents will be things that the buyer will want to see before they hand over any money so it’s a good job to offer them on their first visit.

Jake Scriven tried for ages to sell his old VW Polo privately but had no luck so he contacted money4yourmotors who offered a better price than he was asking.