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Down At The Gym

Gyms are really cool places to hang about. You come across intense people who really want to make a difference in their lives. If you want to see commitment you go to a gym. But for every 5 nice guys there will always be a looney. I guess that’s true for everyplace and everyone. The other day my friends and I were hanging out in the gym parking lot. It was my squat day so I was really very wasted. And out of nowhere this guy who drives a beat up old car jazzed up with private number plates, loud cranky music, and a hydraulic system, turns up.

I do my best to avoid this guy and the only reason I go to the gym at night is because he is there in the mornings. Now the thing about this guy is all of it would’ve been ok had he been a lousy teenager or something. But dude! This guy’s in his forties. And he always leaves his car’s stereo on, really very loud, while he pumps out half assed pushups on the tarmac in the parking lot. So this day since i was really pumped up I went to him and told him to turn the Goddam stereo down because not everybody wants to listen to crappy hip hop music. I am more of a 70’s hard rock kind of guy. So this guy stands up, all 250 pounds of him; fat mostly, and starts pushing me around.

I was so pissed I told him to stand the EFF down or I would skin his A. And the next seconds he is crying and trying to give me a hug and I am standing there thinking: What? This guy needs a psychiatrist. You know really i felt sorry for the guy afterwards. My friends just couldn’t stop sniggering though. Car number plates that read “SEX 200”. Seriously you’ve got to be kidding me.