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Dateless Private Number Plates

Private number plates are becoming increasingly popular albeit some private number plates maybe less obvious than others. The current style number plates allow owners the opportunity to keep their new car identity and construct the alpha characters to create something more personal. These current registrations tend to be ones that are harder to tell they are private number plates, rather than a random combination.

The older historic or dateless plates as they are often referred to leave you in no doubt the registration is a cherished number plate. I guess you would expect the alpha and maybe the numerical characters would be pertinent to the owner in some way. This may not necessarily be the case, there is a trend for car owners to use these older registration numbers to mask the age of their vehicle.

Dateless private number plates have not been issued with new vehicles since the 1960’s when vehicles moved to suffix style car registration numbers. There are still dateless registrations on the market today with prices starting from just a few hundred pounds. Over recent years dateless registrations numbers have seen steady growth, making them exceptional value for money. Many owners that have parted with their dateless private number plates have shown a profit.