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Buying Private Number Plates at Auction

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) holds regular auctions throughout the year, where you can bid for previously unreleased number plate registrations. About six auctions take place every year at locations across the UK. Essentially, these events are great chances to bid for some highly distinctive and collectable private number plates.

Some of these auctions sell specialised private number plates such as K1 NGS, which recently fetched a price tag of £235,000. Far more modestly, there are also private number plates up for sale which were not previously released as not enough cars were produced in a particular year to fill all the available registrations.

At a recent auction in Barnsley, for example, hundreds of private number plates ranging from 94A to 20YY were up for grabs.

Bidding in person is undoubtedly fun. But it may not always be convenient, and if you thought you had to attend to bid, think again! At Platinum Plates, for example, as a fully licensed seller of private number plates, we can secure the plates of your dreams by bidding on your behalf.

At Platinum Plates, we have full details of all the dates of DVLA auctions, and all the private number plates available at them. Have a browse and see which ones you want.

If you’d like us to put in your bid at a forthcoming auction, give us a call during office hours or fill in a form on our user-friendly web site. Get in touch today.