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13 Number Plates Lucky for Some

From March 1st 2013- August 31st 2013 the new 13 series plate, branded “the best ever plate” will be available to assign to new vehicles. The plates are available to purchase currently. With the expectation that these plates will be extremely popular the sought after plates will be selling within minutes of being available, as seen on previous release dates, so purchase must not be delayed.

The private plates will only be allowed, under DVLA regulation to be displayed on vehicles registered after 1st March 2013. Luckily owners of vehicles previous to this year won’t have to lose out because of this. The plates can be purchased on certificate, which can be renewed each year until assigned to a new vehicle so the perfect plate for you can still be bought and no-one else can get it as there is obviously only 1 of each of these special plates. However there shouldn’t be a shortage of choice with approximately 7.5 million plates going on sale.

13 number plate lucky for some one- private number plates

As the plates will be featuring the number 13 there is opportunity to get hold of some really attractive plates as the number 13 could be used to represent other characters. 13 could look similar as a “E”. 13 can also be used as “I E” and the numbers 1 and 3 displayed together make a very convincing “B”. Below are a few examples of some plates that will be available representing how effective the 13 plate can be.

Robert “RO13 ERT Rebeca “ RE13 ECA Shields “SH13 LDS” O’Reilly “OR13 LLY”

The DVLA have taken into consideration that there are some superstitious car owners who find it hard enough to avoid walking under ladders and not breaking mirrors. So as not to deter these potential new car buyers they have decided to make the 62 plate available for the period of the 13 plate, from March 1st 2013 until 31st August 2013 so that the number 13 will not have to be displayed on their vehicles as to not cause them more worry or any worry to anxious passengers.