How they started

All Northern Irish Number Plates originate from the DVLNI – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland. The DVLNI head office is in Coleraine. The role of the DVLNI for Northern Ireland is broadly the same as the DVLA for England, Scotland and Wales. The good news is it is perfectly acceptable to use Irish Number Plates for vehicles registered in the main land Great Britain

It’s impossible to tell the age of your car. Irish plates have no age on them.  This means that if you correctly register them to your car, no one will instantly be able to see what age it is.

This is one of the most popular reason for buying them, and as you can imagine this can push the price up.  Although having said this, Irish number plates are still very affordable with registration numbers available from around £99, cheap irish number plates.

Cheap Irish Number Plates for Sale

Now you know they have no year identifier, it probably won’t surprise you to learn they also look very different to UK plates.  Irish number plates start off with three letters, which can include the letters I and Z that you won’t see on UK plates.

In addition to this you’ll see up to four numbers being used as the second half of the plate, although you may see as little as one.  As you can see they are indeed very different from UK plates.

Irish private number plates are available for a reasonable cost, depending on the individual plate.  Why not search for some now find the caponization that best suits your needs and then buy irish number plates.