Cherished Number Plates


Cherished Number Plates Origination

  • A

    Birmingham C.B.C.

  • B

    Cheshire C.C.

  • C

    Derbyshire C.C.

  • D

    Durham C.C.

  • E

    Edinburgh C.C.

  • F

    Essex C.C.

  • G

    Glasgow C.C.

  • H

    Kent C.C

  • I

    Lancashire C.C.

  • J

    Liverpool C.B.C.

  • K

    Liverpool C.C.

  • L

    London C.C.

  • M

    Manchester C.C.

  • N

    Middlesex C.C.

  • O

    Not Issued C.C.

  • P

    Staffordshire C.C.

  • Q

    Surrey C.C.

  • R

    Yorkshire West Riding C.C.

  • C.C. - County Council

    C.B.C - City Borough Council


Cherished Number Plates

Getting a cherished number plate on your vehicle is a great way to make a statement and make your car stand out. Sadly you cant just have any combination made up and displayed on your motor, Its the rights to to registration number you will first need to secure before displaying the cherished number plates.

There are millions of cherished registration numbers issued and many of these are in use today taking pride of place on their owners vehicles. Others are held on retention for later use or resale. Indeed we have a fantastic array of personalised registration numbers to choose from on our website to suit all tastes and budgets.

It is often the case that when people refer to cherished number plates they are referencing dateless registration numbers. The format of the original issue of vehicle registration didn’t have a connection to the year of registration as they do now and are therefore dateless numbers. Like the ones shown below:


Where were Cherished Number Plates Issued?

When cars were first available in the UK it was only the wealthiest of people that could afford them. They soon became more affordable and the numbers increased rapidly. As the number grew as did the index of registration numbers.

Registrations were first issued by councils with each one having their own unique one or two alpha character combination denoting where the vehicle came from.

With the growth of motoring eventually a centralised administration was introduced and is today in the form of the Driver and vehicle Licensing Agency, DVLA who deal with vehicle and and driver licence registrations as well as the transfer of cherished number plates.

Rare Cherished Number Plates

The oldest registrations are among the most valuable with A1, the first issued in London regarded as the jewel in the crown. Over the last couple of decades several cash strapped councils have sold off private number plates previously found on the Lord Majors Limousine.

One such Council is Essex, who sold the car registration number F1 for £440,000 in 2008. Bought by a Bradford business man who is believed to have turned downs of several Million pounds for number.


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It’s fair to say that as Cherished Number Plates become harder to get their value increases significantly. The oldest single letter single number combinations like A1 & F1 are getting as rare as hens teeth and their values are as much or greater than some houses.

It’s not just the oldest numbers that as representing a great return on investment. Both suffix and prefix numbers

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