What are cherished number plates?


Cherished number plates, personal car registration numbers, private plates, and personalised car registration numbers are all terms commonly used to describe the same thing — car registration numbers.

The term ‘cherished number plate’ or ‘cherished registration number’ is used specifically to describe number plates with a dateless registration. These sought-after plates are usually from before 1963, or simply lack a year identifier.

The first registration number was issued in 1903, A1. Originally, registrations were issued by county councils. These days, the DVLA in Swansea is in charge of the register. Car registration number formats have changed several times as demand outstripped supply. As of 1963, car registration numbers included a year identifier.

What are the benefits of a cherished number plate?


As previously mentioned, this type of registration plate has no year identifier. Therefore, these are particularly desirable for use on older cars.

Plus, some cherished number plates increase in value based on trends, so they make great investment pieces. For example, a cherished number plate broke records at the time when it sold for £440,000 in 2008. Just ten years later, it was offered for sale for £14.4 million!

Personalised registrations can also be used to represent your name, nickname, initials, football team, company, hobby, make of car, birthday, and much, much more. They are a great way of adding a personal touch to your car.

How much is a cherished number plate?

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