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5 Of The Best Car Number Plates Ever

People tend to either love or loathe the personalised number plate and some will spend thousands and even hundreds of thousands of pounds on an official plate for their auto. Some people do so with pride, while others see it as a mystery why anyone would want to.

Unfortunately, for some, the UK has stepped up its laws on mildly offensive number plates and car registrations, meaning rude words will soon be a thing of the past. So, if you always dreamed of shelling out some cash for ‘SH12 EDD’, it seems that your days are numbered.

However, there are still plenty of inventive names up for those who wish to mix and match their numbers and letters and place them on their plates. We’ve come up with the top of the pile and also the worst of the lot to give you an idea of what’s out there.

More Expensive than the Car

Some people will pay more for their insurance than their car, however one such person who pays more for his number plate than his car is Afzal Khan. The car designer spent a colossal £440,000 for the number plate ‘F1’ five years ago. He then put it on a car that was worth less than the plate – only a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren worth over £300,000 to be exact.

Super Spy

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 was a hell of an auto with its machine guns, bullet proof shield and front prongs, it’s also a beauty. The car was sold at Auction in 2010 for £2.5m and came with the personalised number plate JB007, just so all of the super villains knew who Bond was. Whether or not they did, we’re sure they admired the auto.

Pie King

Pies are just like chocolate or beer and it’s hard to perceive the fortune you’d have if you were allowed to try and test them each and every day. Dr Mark Beeston however has that luxury having won the title of pie ambassador for Dunkckley’s pies in 2012 after being crowned a supreme winner at the UK Pie Awards. He’s decided to get a unique number plate for his Range Rover – ‘PIE DR’.

Dual Act

One for him and one for her, well that seems to be the mentality of one couple in Chelsea in London, who decided on a Hamelt inspired take on their two auto’s plates. One Aston Martin comes with the plate ‘2 Be’, while the larger Range Rover finishes up the quote with the ‘Not 2B plate.


It’s not VW Golf, but a Bentley owned by the voice of BBC golf Peter Alliss. The Bentley follows on with the theme of Aliss’s life and has the plate Put 3 on the back. Appropriate stuff, if you’re a golf legend anyhow.

Number plates can say a lot about who we are and it’s very understandable why the notion of a novelty number plate would divide people. And, having looked at these samples we understand why.

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David O’Rourke has written a range of articles on number plates. He has leased cars for years now with http://firstvehicleleasing.co.uk/and has never had the choice of having a personalised option.