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Private Registration Numbers

With Platinum Plates it's easy to find private registration numbers that suit you best. Using the search box at the top of this page you can quickly find the right private registration numbers for you. We have over 40 million to choose from, so we are almost certain to have the right private registration number for you.

Find What Your After Faster With Create-A-Plate

If its the current style DVLA number plates you are after then our create-a-plate makes it easier to find relevant registration numbers selecting the letters or numbers that are of interest to you.

Create Prefix DVLA Number Plates

The create a plate search also has a prefix number plate search option i.e. A1 ABC etc. there are literally millions of these distinctive private registration numbers starting from £169.00.

Dateless number plates - A Piece of History

Increasingly popular dateless number plates are the original style dateless number which started being issued a in 1903 with A1 issued in London. As the name would suggest these registration numbers donít have a year indicator and make some of the most desirable private number plates an also some of the most expensive.

It is possible to get dateless registrations, chaep personalised number plates with less sort after initials for around £500. These private registration numbers are commonly used as cover plates, to hide a vehicles age.

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Things your Need to Know

If you have never had a private number plate before it may seem a little daunting however the reality is they are quite strait foreward if you bear in mind a couple of key points :

  • You cannot use a private registration number to make a vehicle look new than it actually is
  • Once on a vehicle the registered keeper holds the rights
  • Irish Number Plates used to be issued by the DVA in Coleraine, this is no longer the case and they are now issued by the DVLA in Swansea.
  • Vehicles must be Motíd or less than 3 years old (4 in Northern Ireland) to participate in cherished number plate transfers.