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Platinum Plates Ltd offers DVLA number plates & car registration numbers for sale. Use the search options above to find your ideal personalised number plate at the cheapest prices in the UK. Private registration plates can be transferred directly on to your vehicle, alternatively we can supply you DVLA number plates or car registration numbers on DVLA certificates valid for up to twelve months. Platinum Plates Ltd are registered DVLA Number Plate suppliers (R.N.P.S) and can therefore supply acrylic number plates.

There are millions of  DVLA numbers plates available on the internet from which you can search and find your own customised numbers plates for your cars, SUV, van, truck…etc. Once you find the cheap personalised number plates that you want for your automobile, you can easily make it yours for life. To make it yours all you have to do is get in touch with us through telephone (0121 353 1110). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our sales lines are open from 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week.  

If you need any help on how you can choose your car’s personalised number plate then have a look at some of the suggestions on our DVLA number plates information page. Or if you would like to know how much your personalised number plate will cost you then complete a car registration numbervaluations request and we will provide you a FREE no obligation valuation.

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PRIVATE Number Plates

Platinum Plates have been supplying personalised number plates since 1998. DVLA number plates / Private number plates are an ideal way to personalise your vehicle. All transfers completed via DVLA Registrations UK Vehicle registration offices. Personalised Regs can be used to represent your name, nickname, initials, football team, company, hobby, make of car, birthday, children & grandchildren, professional qualifications etc. If you have any questions or need help choosing a Personalised Reg call our sales team on 0121 353 1110 who will be more than happy to offer advice and assist you by providing answers.


When selecting private number plates there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. The first and foremost factor is can I assign the registration to my vehicle or to that of the person the registration is for? Essentially the most important thing to remember is:

"You cannot use a car registration number to make a vehicle appear newer than it actually is." Therefore if your vehicle was first registered in 2002, you can't assign a vehicle registration number (VRN) that is an 03,53,04, etc., etc..

If your car is registered in Northern Ireland some cheap private number plates won't be able to be assigned straight to the vehicle. They will first have to be assigned to one in the UK Mainland and then transferred to Northern Ireland. This isn't a problem but it takes a little longer and there are some additional fees.

Cherished Number Plates - THE DATELESS KIND !

You often hear the term cherished number plates when referring to VRN's. It tends to be in relation to the older dateless style marks that were first issued in 1900's and continued until the early 1950's. There are cherished number plates that follow this format still in existence today albeit they are getting rarer and as a consequence the value of such numbers has been increasing steadily.

We have 1000's of cherished number plates currently available form cover numbers for just a few hundred pounds to the more discerning single letter single number combinations. Cheap dateless number plates are available and irish number plates are a good option too.

No matter what registration your after, if you're after help or advice you can call our sales team between 8am - 10pm daily on 0121 353 1110