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Timed DVLA Number Plate Auction

Well at this rate there will be no unissued DVLA number plates, lol. You can certainly tell the government nearly bankrupted the country in a bid to bail out the banks. So for all government departments it’s all hands to the pump. The DVLA are no exceptions. Two standard DVLA number plate actions before the end of March, also the end of the fiscal year and they have this week launched a timed online only auction running this month.

Having read the catalogue for the online auction of DVLA number plates, my initial thoughts were “what dross”. There are one or two nice suffix number plates in the catalogue, they are however few and far between. The dateless numbers entered in the sale seem to have eye-watering reserve prices attached to them, then when you factor in the 7.5 % plus VAT auctioneers price, VAT on the closing bid and the £80 department of transport fee, its hard to see any bargains.

In contrast to that we are seeing many of the DVLA number plates on the market been offered at very attractive prices to attract buyers in an increasingly challenging economic climate. There are many bargain DVLA Number Plates around.