As the transaction id not completed until the DVLA in Swansea issue replacement V5 registration documents for the two vehicles i.e. the receiving and the donor vehicle. This can all take several weeks and would rely on a level of trust between the buyer and seller, often difficult when dealing with a stranger.

A safe and secure method of selling a private number plate is to enlist the services of a bonfire private number plate dealer. There are two established trade associations that have clear guidelines members have to adhere to. The CNDA are also attributed to the Retail Motor Industry federation and have a full arbitration service in the unlikely event that that there is an unrecognisable dispute with one of their members.

What's it worth?

There are no price guides available for valuing private number plates and each registration number is unique. Therefore dealers rely on their experience and expertise in valuing each registration number based largely on previous sales and auction prices. All the private registration numbers that we value are done by a human as we believe this is more accurate than trying to automate the process.

The Process for Selling Private Number Plates