Many of our customers have bought a personal number plate for a Christmas, Birthday or Aniversary present. The recipients have been over joyed and had many years enjoyment out of their private number plates. There are many different ways to create a personalised number plate, some tips and ideas can be found on our personal number plates search page.

Platinum Plates can supply the car registration number on a DVLA certificate, ideal for enclosing in a card or to really add value to your gift, present them with a set of number plates made with that special registration number. As a registered DVLA number plate supplier Platinum Plates are authorised to issue number plates.

As well as the option of supplying the car registration numbers on a DVLA certificate we are more than happy to process the transfer to the receiving vehicle on your behalf. Unlike most other personal number plate firms we do not currently charge for this service

Personal Number Plates - A Solid Investment!

Over recent years personal number plates have proven to be a solid investment achieving growth of in excess of 10 per cent in most cases.

Even during 2008, when the financial markets were in turmoil and the goverments in both the UK & US were charging to the rescue of banks, bailing them out at astromonical costs to the tax payer. Cherished number plates in the UK continue to achieve good growth.

The record for the most paid for a personal number plate at auction was broken when F1 sold for £440,000 in January 08. In September of the thst year S1 was sold at the Goodwood revival sale by auctioneer Bonhams for an amazing £397,000 and in the same month at the DVLA auction in Cambridgeshire 6 B achieved over £100,000.

When money in the bank is no longer percieved as being as safe as it was many investors are looking to alternatives to traditional methods. Personal number plates remain a very attractive proposition achieving good yields.