Different styles

There are several different configurations of DVLA number plates that you see on vehicles. Dateless Number Plates – These were the original number plates, the series started with A1 in London in 1903. At that time number plates or registration numbers were issued by County councils each with their own single or double digit letter combination. Demand fluctuated throughout the country, busier DVLA number plate offices used there original allocation and then reversed the combination i.e. A1 was reversed to 1A, AB 1234, 1234 AB and some offices didn’t use there allocation. currently there are no longer DVLA offices and everything is dealt with at the DVLA head offices in Swansea.

Information relating to Prefix Number PlatesCurrent Style Number Plates & Suffix Number Plates can be found on the following page of this website Personal Car Number Plates

Buying DVLA Number Plates

The DVLA bought in legislation regarding the supply of number plates in January 2003. The legislation requires by law anyone who supplies number plates to be registered with the DVLA. In August 2008 this was extended to Scotland & Northern Ireland.

DVLA number plates have to be spaced correctly and contain the name & postcode of the registered supplier of the number plate. This has made it illegal to supply number plates displaying a vehicle registration mark that is either mis-spaced, misrepresented in anyway, or use nonstandard fonts or flag badges that are none compliant.

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