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What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys?

We’ve all been there before. You are ready to head out, you gather up your things, and suddenly you realize you have no idea where your car keys are. This can be an incredibly stressful situation, but there are some steps you can follow to make the process less frustrating and help locate your keys quickly.

Retrace your steps

Always retrace your steps when looking for something you think you have lost. Often, the item is in a place we couldn’t fathom it being, but is located once a retracing occurs. Think back to the last time you remember holding the keys, then move along accordingly.

Get a fresh pair of eyes

If you’ve looked and looked, invite a friend over to help look as well. A second perspective can somtimes make all the difference.

Keep a standard key spot

Get in the habit of regularly leaving your keys in the same place, like a hook on the wall or a bowl by the door. That way, if you lose your keys, you can go straight to that spot to see if they happen to be hanging there.

Invest in a tracker

A tracker placed on a key ring is an efficient way to locate lost keys. You just press on the main tracking device, and the keys begin beeping, wherever they may be.

Clean up

If your space is covered in clutter, a quick clean up might do the trick. Get underneath those piles to see what you can uncover.

Take a breather

Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of a problem, we just need to take a step back to see clear. Take a break from the search; eat a snack, read a book or talk to a friend on the phone. When you look for the keys anew, you may be able to remember more clearly where you left them.

Have a spare set

This goes back to the idea of thinking ahead. There is no reason you should be the only person with the ability to get into your car. Make a spare set and give it to a trusted friend or relative. That way, if you ever lose your keys for good, you can call on them for help. Retrieve the spare from them and make yet another copy.

Keep a record

Write down the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and also write down you car’s VIN number. This will help if you need to speak with your dealer or discuss a warranty in replacing keys, as it’s part of their standard procedure. Having this information at the ready cuts down on the stress of running around, trying to look up specific details you may not know off hand.

Bring the car in

You may need to bring your car into a certified dealership if you are unable to find your keys eventually. You’ll need to bring your drivers license and registration along with you to prove that the car is yours. This may feel like a big hassle, but the car dealership can make a new key for you, and should be able to do so quickly and efficiently. It beats being stranded with no car for days on end, and should be ovver in a hurry.

The same can be applied if you locked the car keys inside the car. This can be a horrible feeling–seeing your keys through the car window and having no way of getting to them. Again, the car dealership can help. Let them know what’s going on, provide the necessary info, then have a spare set of keys made. You’ll be back inside your car in a flash.

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