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Top 20 Questions to ask a Car Dealer

Purchasing a car is a big deal for most of us. Usually we go to a dealer who can give us a good deal on the car we choose to buy. Hence, before you finalize a deal, enquire in depth. We give you the top 20 questions to ask a car dealer and be convinced with the answers before signing the purchase agreement.

1) When and from whom the car was bought?
If the dealer is the owner of the car, then make sure that he has all the documents relating to the ownership and check the records before you go further.
2) Is the car certified?
Check if the car is certified. Ask for the certification documents and also who has certified the car because there are a lot of fake certifying authorities in the market.
3) Is there any proof to see if the mileage is genuine?
It is one of the important top 20 questions to ask a car dealer. Check if the mileage is genuine with the help of maintenance record.
4) If the history of the car available on paper?
Check the history with the help of Vehicle Identification Number and car registration number.
5) If you can take the car for test drive and for how long?
Always take the car for a test drive. Talk about the miles and the fuel cost before taking it for a test drive.
6) What is the return policy that the dealer has?
Dealers always try their best to close the deal with no strings attached, hence always ask the dealer specifically about the return policy.
7) What is the cash price offer?
Ask the dealer about the cash price offer. They tend to give discounts and bring down the price when you pay entirely in cash.
8) What are the additional norms if you avail dealer’s credit?
Check the terms if you are taking a credit deal, particularly the interest rate.
9) If there are any undisclosed special offers?
This is more a tip than one of the top 20 questions to ask a car dealer. The dealers have undisclosed offers for which you need to ask such as new accessories for the car and even discounts.
10) Whether the dealer is giving out any new equipment with the car?
If the dealer agrees to provide new equipments such as types or some tools with the car, then that is an extra worth the deal.
11) If the car needs servicing right after purchase?
If the car needs the servicing, your actual price will go up instantly.
12) Whether the car has undergone any service?
Ask if the dealer has done any maintenance or repair work on the car. If so, then enquire about the kind of work that has been done.
13) Has the car been in any kind of accidents?
Check if the car has been any kind of accident and also its extent and the detailed records.
14) Do all the car parts function properly without any hassle?
It will help you know what exactly to expect from the car.
15) What kind of warranty the car has?
Find out all the terms and conditions of the warranty under which the car falls.
16) What kind of insurance does the car have?
Never fail to include this among the questions to ask a car dealer. Check out if the car has any insurance done on it.
17) Does the car price include the tax involved?
Most of the times the price offered does not include the taxes to be paid such as road tax and becomes extra burden.
18) Whether the dealer has in house financing facility?
If the dealer has in house financing facility and you are not going for entire cash offer, then avail the facility after checking the details.
19) Whether any tax credits are available for the car?
Check if the car can avail tax credits on basis of being fuel efficient.
20) Does the dealer work with trade-ins?
If the dealer agrees to take trade-ins, then the entire job of car trade becomes relatively easier. Another great way to obtain useful information is to contact online car dealer and get instant and quick responses for any questions you have.