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Private Registration Plates – Do you get it?

Private Number Plates

One of the many joys of owning and driving a car is the sense of “completeness” we feel when we get behind the wheel. Some may deny it while others might think that it is an exaggeration – but we all know that feeling. No one can deny that great sense of “triumph” that comes with being able to steer a machine. Other car owners complete the sense of being in total control by customizing their cars and transforming them into manifestations of their dream vehicles. And still others complete the picture with private registration plates.

To those that do not quite get the idea behind the passion people have for private registration plates, it must suffice to be said that it is a thing that, sadly, will probably go over their heads. Because, you either like and understand the need to have a number plate that says something about you or the things you care about, or you just don’t. There is that need to have a plate that more than just serves as a unique vehicle identification mechanism. The number plates serve as a platform from which the driver can make his or her statement.

Today, there is a whole industry that is built on the back of the trade in what are also known as “personal number plates”. Some number plates that spell words deemed to be too rude for polite society are being reported to command a price tag of anywhere up to £ 90,000. With this kind of money exchanging hands, it certainly means that there is a demand that can determine the going prices of “mere” numbers and characters.


Another sign that this trade is considered to be quite lucrative is that there are business that deal in personal number plates. A quick search, in a favorite search engine, will result in the business sites of hundreds (if not thousands) of personal number plates dealerships. These numbers can only prove that a whole procession of traders can’t be in the wrong line of business.

Whether buying or selling personal number plates, dealers exist that cater to all the needs of customers. The ones that are deemed “legal entities” are those that are registered under the UK’s DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and Ireland’s DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency). Only those that are regulated by these agencies should be contacted to make sales or purchases of the number plates.

On a final and cautionary note, while it may seem like there are no rules to the trade in private number plates, noth

ing can be further from the truth. Anyone cannot just buy plates and attach them to a vehicle. As an example, new plates cannot be attached to old cars to make them appear more recently registered. And in some instances the DVLA is known to have asked drivers to remove plates that had received complaints from citizens that considered them too rude. Therefore, some research needs to be done before reaching for wallets.