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Personalised Number Plate Ideas To Help You Create Your Perfect Plate

Struggling to come up with ideas for your personalised number plate? It can be difficult to generate ideas, especially as many of the most popular plates are already taken. To help you find your ideal number plate, we offer some inspiration for your next personalised plate.


Your plate will need to include at least one number. Hence, your plate will need to substitute letters for numbers. The table below offers some ideas of how numbers can be used as letters and letters as numbers.





Names are the most common form of personalised number plate. Hence, many are already taken so you may have to be more creative. Although these plates below are unavailable because they are some of the most sought-after, they can be used to spark ideas for your own name and plate:

  • P3 TER (Peter)
  • K4 REN (Karen)
  • D4 VID (David)
  • R4 LPH (Ralph)
  • L4 URA (Laura)
  • V1 CKY (Vicky)
  • DEB 8IE (Debbie)
  • S4 RAH (Sarah)
  • J4 MES (James)
  • RU55 ELL (Russell)
  • H4 RRY (Harry)
  • S1 MON (Simon)
  • N1 GEL (Nigel)
  • MAR 7IN (Martin)
  • JAC 0B (Jacob)




Initials work well if you do not want to display your full name.

Why not add your initials to your registration like DRM, BLG, ZTM, MJM.

How about adding your date of birth like J14 GFJ – July 14 and your initials.

Or add Miss as M155 or Mr as M12 or Dr as D12.




Adding a personalised number plate to your vehicle can help your business stand out:

  • GYM for a gym
  • LOX for a locksmith
  • LAW for a lawyer
  • DOC for a doctor
  • TA2 for a tattooist
  • JAN170R for janitor
  • P1 LOT for a pilot
  • BO 55 if you’re the boss
  • CH11 PPY for your fish & chip shop




Hobbies are a great way to personalise a number plate. How about MUS 1C for the music lovers, D8 NCE for dancers, S1 NGS for the singers, MAG 1C for magicians, GU17 TAR for guitarists, ACT for actors.




Just like hobbies, sports are a fantastic way to make your number plate unique to you:

  • D4 RTS (darts)
  • 80 XER (boxer)
  • S5 URF (surf)
  • TEN 11S (tennis)
  • RUN 33R (runner)
  • SKA 7E (skate)
  • BYK (bike)
  • TEE (tee (golf))
  • BMX (BMX)


Football Teams


If you love your football team and want to show your support, why not personalise your registration with your favourite club:

  • MCR – Manchester
  • WHU – West Ham United
  • WBA – West Bromwich Albion
  • EVE – Everton
  • MNU – Manchester United
  • BHM – Birmingham
  • ARS – Arsenal
  • ENG  – England
  • SFC – Swansea Football Club
  • BR15 TOL – Bristol
  • BLU33S – Blues


Car Make or Model


If you love your car, personalise your plate to your car make or model, such as M3, M5, S4, BMW, JAG, VW.




You could also use numbers and letters to create words phonetically, like B for be or bee, CU for see you, and KT for Katie.




If you are an animal lover, choose a plate with your favourite animal or pet. Try CAT,  K9 DOG, and HO12 RSE or HOR 553S for horses.




Want to have some fun with your number plate? How about adding WOW, LOL, AHH,  LUV, XXX, or KI55.


Find Your Perfect Plate


For more ideas or help choosing a number plate, or for any questions you have regarding number plates, get in touch with us today, or search our database of over 40 million private registration plates to find your perfect plate.