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Transferring private number plates may seem daunting for the first time however once you have done it a few times it can become as easy as taxing your vehicle. There are a few important things to bear in mind before applying to the DVLA local office :

  1. You can not use a private number plate to make the vehicle appear newer than it actually is.
  2. Both vehicles must exist and be registered by the DVLA or on the Northern Ireland Register.
  3. The vehicles must be available for inspection (if required).
  4. You should not dispose of your vehicle until you receive a replacement V5C otherwise entitlement to the private number plates may be lost.
  5. The vehicle must be eligible for an MOT or GVT certificate.

Once you are happy that the above points have been met send the completed V317 signed by both parties off with the original  V5 Registration Documents & MOT certificates together with photocopies of each tax disc, to your local DVLA Vehicle registered office with a cheque to £80. Your application for the transfer of Private number plates should be completed within 7 days.

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