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Private Number Plates Popular at the Golf Club

Private Number Plates Popular at the Golf Club

You would be amazed at just how popular private number plates are among golfers. It's the same across the country from St Andrews to Wentworth. Only the other day I was at my club and there was an array of private number plates in the car park.

It"s true to say there were the dateless historical number plates on display as well as a few car registration numbers relating to names. The golf number plates I thought were particularly impressive were ones containing PUT, TEE, or 6 OLF. It's not the first time I have seen golf-related private number plates, I have noticed them around for a number of years. I think the best one I have ever seen was a couple of years ago T33 OFF-Tee Off.

There are plenty of shrewd people that play golf and no doubt they have identified the real investment opportunity private number plates can offer. In the current economical climate, really good investment opportunities are hard to find.

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