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60 Series Private Number Plates

60 Series Private Number Plates

The first of this month saw the dawn of the car registration, 60 series. Motor dealers will be hoping this will be the catalyst to kick start the market. August figures for new car registrations can only be described as disappointing, with -17.5% compared with the same month last year. This was the second consecutive month that new car registrations were down.

The official figures will be released in a few weeks but anecdotally there seems to be plenty of 60 series vehicles on the road, and I have to say that quite a few of the new cars I have seen, have been sporting private number plates GO60 REG, defying the age of austerity.

Many private number plates prove to be fantastic investments, out performing other sectors. So as well as giving their owners pleasure and making the vehicle stand out, they could also make a few quid!

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