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007 Number Plates to Make Thousands

007 Number Plates to Make Thousands

The ultimate James Bond private number plate is going on sale. Registration number 007 is just one of the number plates to be released over the next few years by the Environmental department for Guernsey. The department is going to release a series of "0" and "00" of the next few years in a graduated role out so as not to flood the market with private number plates.

The registration number format in Guernsey is numerical with no alpha characters, this style of number is unique to Guernsey. Big money has been spent on private number plates on the Island previously with the record currently standing at £85,000. It is expected the new number plates makeover £1 Million.

The department plans to release the private number plates in a non sequential order for auction over several years. Before they could make number plates like this avavailable there were a number of legal and practical issues that the department had to consider including the effect on existing car registration numbers and amendments to their database to cope with the new private number plates.

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