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Luxury Car Market Not Driven By New Registrations

Bentley Continental GT (II)

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Once upon a time new car registrations only happened once a year causing a bottle neck for franchise dealers. The motor trade lobbied the DVLA for years complaining that a single registration change a year was problematic. Eventually there were two registration changes, as there are today, occurring March 1st and September 1st. This is widely believed to of eased the bottleneck in new car registration. The new number plate format was introduced shortly after and took  a few years to be understood. Motorists complained that they fount the new, current, format of car number plates difficult to understand and what the different character groups represented and therefore harder to identify the age of the vehicle.


This resulted in the kudos of having a new registration on the release date being diminished and no longer would the demand to be one of the first out of the car showroom be so intense. The trade now report that the new registration is not a significant driving factor in when people want delivery of there vehicle, well not in the luxury market at least. The most important factor in this sector is  how soon will the latest model seen at the motor show be available.


The age of the vehicle can be masked with private number plates as well as adding to the appearance of the vehicle the private plates can also enhance the kudos levels particularly with shorter dateless registrations numbers. We can concur with motor trade sources that very often the desire for a cherished number plate con insides with the purchase of a new vehicle.