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7 Ways To Make Your First Car Your Own

Buying your first car is a seminal experience in anyone’s life and as a statement of your newfound independence you’ll likely want to glam up your new toy by dousing it in your own unique style. After all, a car is more than just a chasse, an engine and a set of wheels; it’s an extension of your personality.

At Confused.com our car insurance comparison has taught us that there are certain budget alterations that can be made to a vehicle without affecting the cost of cover. There are also more lavish vehicular amendments that could bump up the insurance but leave you with a flashier motor.

To appeal to all tastes we’ve listed 7 ways to make your first car your own, from the cheaper end of the spectrum through to the pricier part of the scale.

Fast car

Fast car (Photo credit: The Consortium)

 1) Novelty appendages

There are plenty of ways to doll up your motor without having to resort to breaking the bank and cheap novelty appendages are the perfect example. From the classic furry dice dangling from your rear-view mirror to the more contemporary addition of the personalised tax disc holder, there is ample opportunity to decorate your car on a budget. Other cheap add-ons to consider are aerial toppers, flower holders, cushions, air fresheners and bumper stickers.

 2) Mats and covers

Bespoke mats and covers may be slightly more expensive than the novelty dice but they’re still an affordable option for those wanting to freshen up their car’s interior without spending top dollar. Branded mats and covers for seats, steering wheels and gear sticks can be bought for under a tenner and add a touch of personality to your car’s fixtures and fittings.

 3) Tidies and holders

For the neat freaks out there who have minimal disposable income there are products you can purchase to keep your car clean and still give you change from £20. Boot tidies and carrier bag hooks help to declutter any mess while phone and drinks holders ensure your hands remain free for the important tasks like steering.

 4) Lighting

If you’ve got a little more cash in your back pocket and fancy illuminating your car’s darkest recesses to accentuate its hidden charms then there are various lighting options available. Strobe, neon and spot lights can all add a unique and frivolous flavour to your car’s interior while exterior door handle and puddle lighting offers a more practical choice.

 5) Sound systems

Edging towards the dearer end of the car accessory market we find the enduringly popular sound system. There are budget options available that play CDs, MP3s and FM radio but a full on audio onslaught will cost a little more. Expect a speaker, subwoofer and amplifier set, complete with an all-singing, all-dancing touchscreen head unit to swallow a decent chunk of any monthly payslip.

 6) Gadgets

If you’ve got the spare change to splash out on a state of the art sound system then why not compliment your purchase with an even more extravagant array of in-car gadgets? Sat Nav has become a motoring staple in the 21st century with prices ranging from under £100 to over £1k. A slightly more ostentatious form of audio visual accessory is the all-in-one DVD, Bluetooth, DAB radio player which will cost you a similar amount to the top of the range Sat Navs.

 7) Exterior decorations

You can make as many interior alterations to your car as tickles your fancy but nobody is going to see the fruits of your decorating labour unless you’re the generous lift-offering sort or a taxi. So if you have a flair for the flamboyant and loose purse strings then exterior embellishment could be an outlet for your showy side. Personalised number plates, a paintwork job, sign writing and new wheel trims or alloys will help you and your car stand out amongst the traffic.

Adam Davies is a Digital Marketing Assistant at the Confused.com car insurance comparison website and a trained journalist.

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