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5 Ways to Customise Your Car

When we go shopping for a car, we all want to choose the one that feels the most suited to our individual personalities. Yet sometimes, we want to add an even more personalized touch to our vehicles, and this can be done with some extra detailing and customization. What follows are five ways that you can add some personalized touches to your car.

#1: Personalise Your Number Plates

The most obvious and immediately discernible way to customize your car is to add personalised number plates. You can actually order these plates online and have them shipped to you, thus also making this one of the simplest ways to personalize your vehicle. Just remember to think of a few different options in case the letter/number combination you’ve chosen is already taken.

#2: Focus on the Doors

Another way to customize your car is to spruce up the doors. This allows you to alter the exterior of the car without having to redo the entire body. You might consider removing the door handles, for instance, and installing an electronic door opener instead to add a more modern touch to the car. You can also alter your doors so that they open upwards instead of out, or add stripes or other painted details for an eye-catching touch.

#3: Change Exterior Accessories

Additionally, you might consider switching out the headlights. Selecting a different shape can add a whole new look to the front end of your vehicle. Adding or changing the grill is another customization option; adding a larger grill can make a smaller car look more imposing or add an intimidation factor to a larger vehicle.

#4: Alter the Wheels

One of the most popular ways people choose to customize their vehicles is by adjusting the look and performance of the tires. For example, you can add flashier rims to help your car stand out, or you can replace your car’s original tires with a different size for a more eccentric look. Some people also add a hydraulics system that allows them to raise and lower the wheels as well.

#5: Decorate the Interior

Of course, the interior of a car is another place that could benefit from some personalized attention. Customized steering wheels—or a simple steering wheel cover—can help add some panache to the vehicle. If you’re looking for a more extensive project, you can also choose to swap out your current seats and replace them with bucket seats. This will add a vintage feel to even the most contemporary of cars.

Obviously, there are a variety of different ways you can alter the appearance of your car to make it more suitable to your aesthetic tastes. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s best to set a budget for yourself, as even a collection of minor alterations can quickly add up to a hefty bill. Once you decide what you’ll be able to afford, you can plan out your modifications and either take care of them yourself, or bring them into a professional customizer.

This article was written by Jerry Metz, a car enthusiast and a freelance writer. He currently writes for Sell Your Car Fast