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5 Hilarious Number Plates & The Not So Funny DMV

Clever number plates aren’t as common as many drivers seem to think they are (how often do you see a plate which is clearly supposed to be funny, but you can’t make heads or tails of?). When someone actually does manage to be funny, alas the DMV does not always see eye to eye with the clever driver on the other end. The Constitution doesn’t protect “obscene” speech, and more than a few plates have been revoked for supposedly crossing the line.

1. EATTHE Kids First

The most famous incident of a revoked number plate happened in the state of Virginia. EATTHE were the only letters which the plate’s owner had selected, but he had placed them on a license plate which said “Virginia” at the top and “Kids First” at the bottom. While this was clearly a silly joke about cannibalism, the DMV alleged that it had something to do with kids and oral sex. What smutty minds those DMV workers have! Sadly the man lost his plate.


A man named Rick Sanders had a license plate for 7 years on his car that read FOSAMA, with a period drawn in by hand between the F and the O. Once again it was the Virginia DMV that revoked the plate, saying that it was “profane” in nature. His argument that the “F” could stand for “fight” or “forget” fell on deaf ears.

3. IB6UB9

This plate was owned by Robert Anaya of New Mexico for three years before being revoked. Anaya is still contesting the plate removal, with an excuse that it has something to do with an inside joke at a casino. Sadly, we doubt this excuse will work given similar episodes like the following.


This one is as blatantly obvious as the previous one, but hilariously the Washington DMV actually believed the assertion that MILF meant, “Manual Inline Lift Fluctuator” at first, and granted the plate. After other drivers complained to the DMV, the owner of the plate changed his story, claiming it stood for “Got Married Into Lisa’s Family.” The DMV revoked his plate.


Not that this plate is particularly hilarious, but the Colorado DMV’s denial of it certainly is. The plate clearly reads, “I love tofu.” Nonetheless, the Colorado DMV seems to be offended by the letters “FU” together, alleging that the plate reads, “I love to f*ck you.” Okay, so that’s possible, but the tofu explanation, for once, actually seems utterly viable. Veganism is a lifestyle and not just a diet after all, and a lot of its proponents are pretty hardcore. Tennessee, Florida and Virginia have also all rejected this combination of letters.

So there you go. Whether you drive an old beater or an expensive luxury car, next time you decide to submit a funny plate to the DMV, realize that there’s a pretty good chance they’ll shoot you down. Then again, it might take them a few years to catch on, and in the meantime, you can give a lot of drivers and internet users a good laugh. Have fun, but don’t be shocked when you have to pay replacement fees!