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Car Number Plates Lottery

Beijing held its first car number plates lottery this week under current plans to ease the cities congestion issues. There were 17,600 people celebrating the results to use the packed roads and highways.

Under the new measures announced in December Beijing, China’s capital, will issue 20,000 car number plates each month. The caping of new number plates issued is not only designed to ease congestion but also reduce the amount of pollution caused from vehicle emissions.

Of the number plates issued each month around 90% are allocated to residents of the city, with the balance being issued to businesses operating in the capital.

The cap of 240,000 number plates this year represents a significant reduction compared to the 800,000 vehicles that took to the grid locked streets last year. Not surprisingly the 20,000 monthly allocation is hugely over subscribed with more than 210,000 applying for car number plates in December.