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Car Registration Numbers & Private Number Plate Valuations

Private number plates vary in value considerably. The record for the most paid for a car registration number was broken on 25/01/08 with F1 which sold for a staggering £440,000. The private number plates we value typically range from just a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you are contemplating selling your cherished registration number the first step is to obtain a reliable market appraise. We have been successfully valuing & marking registration numbers over 10 years. Our extensive marketing program will ensures our car registration numbers significant exposure in order to attract a potential buyer.

We can handle the complete DVLA registration number uk process on your behalf once a buyer has been found, We do not charge for handling the paperwork, most dealers do. As registered DVLA number plate supplier can not only supply a replacement registration number for your vehicle but also provide you with a new set of acrylic plates.
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