Dvla Number Plates
01746 710 007

Dateless Style Registrations

Reg NoNormallyOnline  
ABA 27H P.O.A.01746 710 007More details about ABA 27H
AAZ 787 £430Buy now AAZ 787More details about AAZ 787
AAZ 6112 £440Buy now AAZ 6112More details about AAZ 6112
AAZ 9600 £530Buy now AAZ 9600More details about AAZ 9600
AAZ 434 £570Buy now AAZ 434More details about AAZ 434
AAZ 616 £570Buy now AAZ 616More details about AAZ 616
AAZ 204 £570Buy now AAZ 204More details about AAZ 204
AAZ 203 £570Buy now AAZ 203More details about AAZ 203
370 AAU £580Buy now 370 AAUMore details about 370 AAU
AAZ 4171 £580Buy now AAZ 4171More details about AAZ 4171
AAZ 818 £640Buy now AAZ 818More details about AAZ 818
AAZ 202 £640Buy now AAZ 202More details about AAZ 202
592 AAE £1300Buy now 592 AAEMore details about 592 AAE
685 AAL £1350Buy now 685 AALMore details about 685 AAL
AAZ 34 £1480Buy now AAZ 34More details about AAZ 34
AAZ 38 £1500Buy now AAZ 38More details about AAZ 38
623 ABK £1550Buy now 623 ABKMore details about 623 ABK
AAZ 54 £1600Buy now AAZ 54More details about AAZ 54
AAZ 57 £1600Buy now AAZ 57More details about AAZ 57
AAZ 71 £1780Buy now AAZ 71More details about AAZ 71
484 ABK £1810Buy now 484 ABKMore details about 484 ABK
ABD 968 £1820Buy now ABD 968More details about ABD 968
ABG 436 £1880Buy now ABG 436More details about ABG 436
606 AAL £1910Buy now 606 AALMore details about 606 AAL
692 ABH £2420Buy now 692 ABHMore details about 692 ABH
598 ABJ £2560Buy now 598 ABJMore details about 598 ABJ
ABK 262 £2620Buy now ABK 262More details about ABK 262
111 AAG £2780Buy now 111 AAGMore details about 111 AAG
487 AAA £3160Buy now 487 AAAMore details about 487 AAA
ABF 6 £3570Buy now ABF 6More details about ABF 6
AAW 333 £3670Buy now AAW 333More details about AAW 333
777 AAC £4790Buy now 777 AACMore details about 777 AAC
ABF 8 £5140Buy now ABF 8More details about ABF 8
2663 AB £5780Buy now 2663 ABMore details about 2663 AB
2 ABF £6580Buy now 2 ABFMore details about 2 ABF
AAS 8 £8270Buy now AAS 8More details about AAS 8
25 AAR £10270Buy now 25 AARMore details about 25 AAR
53 AA £11270Buy now 53 AAMore details about 53 AA
AAZ 112 £12280Buy now AAZ 112More details about AAZ 112
A 6000 £15470Buy now A 6000More details about A 6000
70 AB £19370Buy now 70 ABMore details about 70 AB
43 AB £19370Buy now 43 ABMore details about 43 AB
150 A £20380Buy now 150 AMore details about 150 A
700 A £22280Buy now 700 AMore details about 700 A
1 ABE £23010Buy now 1 ABEMore details about 1 ABE
AB 71 £25740Buy now AB 71More details about AB 71
67 AB £26590Buy now 67 ABMore details about 67 AB
32 A £69550Buy now 32 AMore details about 32 A
A 79 £74900Buy now A 79More details about A 79
15 A £90950Buy now 15 AMore details about 15 A

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Platinum Plates specialise in Personal Number Plates. The results above reflect the Private Plates currently showing as available. New Personal Registration Plates become available all the time so why not subscribe to our New Private Registration Notification Service? We have many years of experience supplying and transferring Private Registrations and our staff are always on hand to offer help and advice.

Private Number Plates Testimonioal Members Of All Number Plates Associations Create a number plate Buying Number Plates FAQ's
Are there any restrictions in relation to the age of vehicle the registration number is for?
You can't use a registration number in order to make a vehicle appear newer that it actually is i.e you can't put an 11 series number (AS11 ANS) on an 02 (XY02 ABC) vehicle. It is acceptable to use an older registration on a newer vehicle, so AS02 ANS or F99 ANS could go on a vehicle first registered with XY11 ABC. Click the more info button next tto the registration number for more details.
How long will it take to supply the registration number on certificate.?
Many numbers can be supplied on a certificate within 3-5 working days.
Are there any hidden charges ?
Absolutely NOT, there is a full breakdown of costs on the more info page, the price you see is the price you pay.
Do I get charged for using my payment card?
No, unlike most websites we don't charge for using your debit or credit card
I haven't got my new vehicle yet when should I secure the registration number?
Numbers can sell fast, we can supply most numbers on a certificate, giving you upto 10 years to assign it. We can help you assign the number when the time comes if you want us too.
Can I reserve a registration number prior to purchase ?
Unfortunately registration numbers can't be reserved, the only way to secure the number is to purchase it.
Do you offer finance?
We have looked into this however the banks charge a fortune for this service. We want to keep our prices down for everyone and because of this recommend anyone looking for finance to use a 0% credit card. Google 0% credit cards !
I live in Northern Ireland can I have private plates on my vehicle?
If you vehicle is registered in Northern Ireland we will be able to supply you with registration number. There are nolonger different rules regarding transfering numbers to Northern Ireland
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