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Private reg plates or private registration number plates as they are sometimes referred to are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK motorists. In days gone by, cherished number plates were restricted to the preserve of the rich and famous. However over recent years the availability of vehicle registration number that can be used to create private registration plates has dramatically increased. This has made a private reg accessible to most motorists with prices starting from just 100 or so.

Unlike the cars we drive the private reg number plates we put on them are likely stay with us beyond the life, or at least our ownership, of the vehicle. With most cars they are significantly depreciating assets leaving us consumed with disappointment when we trade it in for the next model, the reverse is often true with private registration numbers. Many cherished number plate owners are pleasantly surprised when they receive valuations for car registration numbers they have held for a few years.

There are very few opportunities to buy something and get satisfaction from it every day and then sell it for the the same or more than it was originally bought for. More often than not private registration plates allow us to achieve this.

The popularity and broad price range for a private reg plates has not surprisingly made them very popular as gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries Weddings and the like. The private registration plates can reflect that special birthday e.g. UR61 REG.

Many of the private registration numbers we supply can be issued on a sgenuine DVLA certificate ideal for enclosing in a birthday card etc. As registered DVLA number plates supplies (RNPS) not only can we supply the certificate but also the actual acrylic number plates so the recipient can see exactly how the private registration plates look, we can even handle the private registration plates, DVLA number plates transfer on your behalf.