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Irish Number Plates Are Fantastic Private Number Plates

We have 1000's of irish number plates at prices starting from 39.00. These irish number plates containing IB can be assigned to any vehicle in the UK main land as well as in Northern Ireland. As irish number plates are dateless there are no restrictions in relation to the ge of the vehicle they are to be assigned. If you have any questions or enquiries in relation to irish number plates or private number plates in general please do not hesitate to contact us, our sales lines are open 8am-10pm 7 Days. Some private number plates are subject to VAT and department of transport fees

Irish Number Plate Price
552 IB
£ 6030
Buy now 552 IB More details about552 IB
570 IB
£ 4670
Buy now 570 IB More details about570 IB
5340 IB
£ 3370
Buy now 5340 IB More details about5340 IB
6666 IB
£ 5330
Buy now 6666 IB More details about6666 IB
IB 8357
£ 3670
Buy now IB 8357 More details aboutIB 8357
8517 IB
£ 2970
Buy now 8517 IB More details about8517 IB
8895 IB
£ 2970
Buy now 8895 IB More details about8895 IB
9353 IB
£ 3370
Buy now 9353 IB More details about9353 IB
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