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acrylic number plates - Dailey delivery to all uk areas

Personalised number plates can be transferred directly on to your vehicle.  Alternatively we can supply registration numbers on genuine DVLA certificates valid for up to twelve months.

Choose a search box on the right side of this page to browse the millions of car registration numbers, private number plates currently available. Once you have found the ideal personalised number plate for you or your loved one you can buy on line or secure your chosen private plate over the telephone. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. The sales lines are open from 8am-10pm, 7days.

We can handle the complete DVLA registration number uk process on your behalf, We do not charge for handling the paperwork, most dealers do. As registered DVLA number plate suppliers you can even get the acrylic plates from us at the same time, saving yourself time, money and inconvenience.


x`What Our Customers say..........I bought my registration number and within no time at all it was on my car, very helpful, professional service. Mrs Wood, West Midlands

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Personalised Number Plates & Private Plates From £49 - £500,000

Platinum Plates have been supplying personalised number plates since 1998. A car registration number, Private number plates is an ideal way to personalise your vehicle. All transfers completed via DVLA Registrations uk Vehicle registration offices. Personalised Regs can be used to represent your name, nickname, initials, football team, company, hobby, make of car, birthday, children & grandchildren, professional qualifications etc. If you have any queries or need help choosing a Personalised Reg call our sales team on 0121 353 1110 who will be more than happy to offer advice and assist you with any queries.

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